Public Record

Because the City is a government agency, applications and application materials are public records. All information received from a grantee, whether received in connection with a grant application or in connection with any grant funded activities performed, will be disclosed upon receipt of a request for disclosure, pursuant to the California Public Records Act.


By submitting an application, each applicant is:

  1. Consenting to publication of any and all information contained
  2. Granting the City a non-exclusive perpetual license to use applications and application materials as demonstration examples in future workshops and for training purposes with confidential information removed.
  3. Representing that no part of the application or application materials infringes upon any third party’s trademark, trade name, copyright, patent or other intellectual property rights.

If Funded

Staff notifies all applicants of their application status within approximately 2 weeks following the Pitch Day. Grant awards will be made in the form of a contract executed between the applicant and the City. The grant period will be outlined in the contract between the applicant and the City, and is usually 12 months. The contracting process can take between one and four months. Applicants are informed of deadlines throughout the process.

A typical grant disbursement can be an initial maximum of 50 percent of the funds, with the remaining grant funds disbursed when the project has been completed. Grantees will need to show how the grant money was spent before the rest of the funds are disbursed. There is no match requirement for this grant. No payments will be made until the contract has been fully executed. Payments typically take between four weeks to process after receipt of an acceptable invoice.

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