Selection Process

Application Evaluation

The process for reviewing and evaluating proposals will be as follows:

  1. City staff will review grant applications for completeness and eligibility. When necessary, applicants may be asked to revise proposals or supply additional information.

  2. A Review Committee comprising City staff will identify the top 40 applications from the eligible pool and designate those applications as Semi-Finalists.

  3. The Mayor's Tech Council will review the Semi-Finalist application pool and designate the top 20 applications as Finalists.

  4. Finalist applicants will be invited to a Pitch Day event in which they will have five minutes to pitch their project and five minutes to answer questions from the Mayor's Tech Council.

  5. The Mayor's Tech Council will nominate the top projects from Pitch Day and recommend preliminary awards and amounts to the City Council.
  6. The City Council will vote on whether to amend or adopt the preliminary awards and amounts.
  7. The City Council's decisions about awards and amounts are final and not subject to appeal.

Review Criteria

Eligible applications will be reviewed by the Review Panel using the following criteria:

  • Diversity and Inclusion: Does the project engage residents from all of Sacramento’s communities?
  • Economic Impact: Does the project have potential to drive short, medium, or long-term economic activity?
  • Social Impact: Does the proposed project catalyze the innovation economy in an underserved community and/or empower youth?
  • Replicability/Scalability: Does the project include a repeatable and scalable business model to increase its impact?
  • Geographic Feasibility: Is the project in a location that could be developed into a small scale economic hub?
  • Track Record: Based on past programming, does the Individual/Organization demonstrate the skills needed to complete the proposed project?
  • Project Feasibility: Are the outcomes for the proposed project clearly stated and attainable?

Conflicts of Interest

The Review Panel will comprise both City staff and experts in the field. These experts may include members of the Mayor’s Tech Council. No member of the Review Panel may be financially interested in a grant.

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